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Repiping Evaluation on Repipe Specialists.

We have found another useful report submitted through a recent customer of Repipe Specialists.

In August of this year i personally phoned numerous service providers in order to get rates for bids to repipe the house. Not only did Repipe Specialists give us the best estimate, we’ve been mainly pleased at the sales rep which visited our home. He was completely competent and also demonstrated the actual pipe that would be used in the house when we decided on his particular firm for the task.

After my wife and I reviewed three quotes, we selected Repipe Specialists with regards to their qualified business practices. Their workers arrived on the exact day and time frame which they explained they’d begin their work. At the end of that day, the repair was actually finished. An area of grass ended up being taken out to be able to lay down the water lines, and so the grass had been repaired, plus it was barely detectable where they excavated the actual trench. Shortly after several weeks ever since the activity was done, the backyard very much looks exactly as great the way it did prior to the work. The next morning after the brand new copper piping had been put in place, the sheet rock work was performed, and was over and above our expectations when considering quality.

A couple of days later, I needed to call Repipe Specialists to have an adjustment done in one of the water valves for the shower. The following morning another of your plumbing experts came out to the house to rectify the issues. We were most pleasantly surprised because all the work was done as advertised and without delay. So often you hear about providers that will not respond once the work is completed. This isn’t the case with Repipe Specialists.“I would strongly recommend Repipe Specialists to my close friends with regards to remarkable service and also their affordable price to do the job.
- David S.